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Workers™ takes the hard work out of developing multi-process applications in LabVIEW. A new modular QMH-based framework for LabVIEW, Workers™ allows anyone to easily create the scalable frame of an application with as many QMHs as they need in just minutes. And with our feature rich set of tools, you’ll be able to send priority messages between QMHs, track the flow of those messages, trace your errors, and create and debug applications easier than ever before. The framework is designed to be simple and intuitive to use for anyone that is already familiar with the QMH design pattern. So don’t spend vast amounts of time and effort re-inventing the wheel by developing your applications from scratch. Instead simplify the development of your next multi-process application using Workers™.


Create quality scalable applications easily


Develop bigger projects in less time


Collaborate easier with modular design

modular design

easy debugging

standardized code

scalable applications

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