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Easily create modular, multi-process

applications in LabVIEW


about Workers™

Putting the power of the LabVIEW architect into the hands of the novice developer, Workers™ allows anyone to quickly and easily create large scalable LabVIEW applications. No longer do you need to start developing your applications from scratch. With Workers™, you can quickly build up the frame of whatever type of application you require in a modular way, allowing you to be more productive and realize your goals faster. Designed with simplicity in mind, every effort has been made to produce a framework with support tools that allows for the development of code in a clean and flexible way.  We hope that Workers™ can help the LabVIEW community move into an era of cleaner, more modular code that is easier to develop, so that we can all develop better applications in less time.


Create quality scalable applications easily


Design bigger projects in less time


Collaborate easier with modular design

modular design

easier debugging

standardized code

increased productivity

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