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Current Release: Workers v3.1.1 (Mar 2022)
Beta Release: Workers v4.0 beta (May 2022)


​​Do more in less time with Workers, an application framework for LabVIEW that combines the classic LabVIEW QMH template with the power of LVOOP.
Designed for use by anyone with basic LabVIEW skills, Workers allows you to easily create the scalable frame of a LabVIEW application out of modular QMHs (called Workers). Saving you time and effort, you can focus your attention on the core requirements of your applications instead of developing and debugging the frame of your applications.

Workers comes with its own interactive Debugger, uses a priority message queue (with three priorities) for communication between your QMHs, the API is extensible with LVOOP, and comes with additional tools to simplify your workflow. Try Workers today to see how it can help you and your team develop clean, flexible, and efficient multi-process applications of any size in LabVIEW.


Create quality scalable applications easily


Extensible development 

 with LVOOP


Collaborate easier with modular design

Workers™ is free to use for commercial use

 and is available from:

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Workers is a hobby project of mine that I create solely in my free time. If the project brings benefits to you, please consider donating to the project to show your support and to help its continuing development. Thanks, Peter