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Current Release: Workers v2.2.1 (Aug 2020)


​​Workers™ is an application framework for LabVIEW that combines LVOOP with the classic LabVIEW QMH design pattern. Designed for use by anyone with basic LabVIEW skills, Workers™ allows you to easily create the scalable frame of a LabVIEW application out of modular-QMHs (called Workers). Saving you time and effort, you can focus your attention on the core requirements of your applications, allowing you to complete your projects in a faster and extensible way.

Workers™ comes with an interactive Debugger providing transparency to your running applications, uses a priority message queue (low, med, high) for communication between your QMHs and comes with additional tools to simplify your workflow. Try Workers™ today to see how it can help you and your team develop clean and efficient multi-process applications in LabVIEW.


Create quality scalable applications easily


Extensible development 

 with LVOOP


Collaborate easier with modular design

Workers™ is Freeware (free for commercial use)

 and is available on:

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