Tutorial Videos

Video #1

Creating your first Workers​™ project

Demonstrates how to go from a blank project to a LabVIEW application consisting of 6 Workers, by use of the 'Create/Add Worker' and 'Worker Hierarchy Viewer' tools.

Video #2

Workers​ Debugger - Main Features

Presents the main features of the Workers Debugger, explaining its usefulness as an integral part of developing applications with Workers™.

Video #3

Case Labels - Explained

Case Labels are a useful feature in Workers™ that replace ‘string constants’ to select which case of a Message Handling Loop (MHL) to send a message to, and come with several additional benefits.

Video #5

Sending Messages - Part 2 (Coming Soon)

More videos for the tutorial series are currently in production... 

Until then, happy programming. :-)



Note: The latest version of these documents are available here for reference purposes, and may be newer than those that ship with a particular version of Workers™.

Video #4

Sending Messages - Part 1

This video is the first part of two, which explains and demonstrates the use of the framework's messaging API by providing a walk-through of the first few steps of the Workers Fundamentals sample project.

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